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  Nitropolis slots is a casino game that was developed by Microgaming. It was one of the earliest games developed for use on computers and has stayed largely the same...

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Katmandu gold

  Katmandu Gold continues the adventure with the fifth chapter, featuring all new high-end graphics and an even bigger level of adrenaline, where you must use your wits to triumph...

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Knockout diamonds

  The Knockout Diamonds slots machine is a 3-ring, 1-frame video slot machine, part of the massive Knockout Diamonds series. With basic video slot rules in place, the aim of...

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Miss wildfire

  If you like to play video poker, but you find yourself not making any money, it might be because you are not playing the best game, such as the...

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  Now, let us see how the casino game: Bompers performs compared with its real counterpart: the slot machine. In the colorful world of casino gaming, you have to be...

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Cluster slide

  The Cluster Slide is a multi-button slot machine that looks like a cluster of buttons arranged in a cluster on the machine's lever. It looks like the buttons are...

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