Katmandu gold


Katmandu Gold continues the adventure with the fifth chapter, featuring all new high-end graphics and an even bigger level of adrenaline, where you must use your wits to triumph over a hoard of increasingly difficult levels and continue further into the ancient jungle. Katmandu Gold takes the series to a whole new level, delivering some breathtaking visuals and sound, and stuffed full of new, innovative features too. There’s also the ten,000in gold limit, which is simply the biggest gold limit in the game so far. If you want to get rich quickly, then this is the game for you.

One of the best things about Katmandu Gold is that it plays very much like a traditional free drop game. As in a traditional drop-based game where you earn money by earning points, you earn more money as you continue to play. In the game, you earn money for each new level you clear, but you can’t buy anything until you’ve finished playing all the levels. There are also several hidden items strewn about the jungle, that only become obvious when you use the Archaeologist skill to search them out. The items include a golden idol, an ancient golden statue, a wooden rod, a diamond and an ancient golden statue.

The game has multiple modes and multiple levels, but it’s the single player mode that offers the greatest variety and challenge. You start off by choosing one of two archeologists, either male or female, each with their own unique abilities. You start off by picking up a Katmandu stone, which, again, has a different symbol for the various levels, giving each new game with a different symbol. You also have to choose between three different clothing styles, each with a different color. Once you’ve started the game, you get to see how well you do at completing challenges and solving puzzles, earning money, increasing your max win potential along the way, and collecting and using the various objects within the game.

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